Marley’s Black Lives Matter artwork

Marley’s Black Lives Matter keychains, stickers, coasters and magnets

Hello, my name is Marley and I’m a student, gamer, swimmer and artist.  Every day I spend some time drawing anime or designing profile graphics for me and my friends..  Recently, I created some designs for Black Lives Matter.  After seeing some of my design works the non-profit organization – SHE Lens –  Center for Sustainable Healthy Equitable Communities awarded me a Young Artist Grant.  

The mission of the Center for Sustainable Healthy Equitable Communities ‘We’re advisors, advocates, technicians, artists, poets, and zealous nuts who share a common vision: a Sustainable, Healthy, Equitable future for all mankind. Our focus is on matters of place and the public realm.’ To find out more, click their website: 

With that Young Art Grant, I was able to print one of my designs on to some products to share with friends, families and well-wishers and to help great causes in my local community.  20% of each sale will go to a local organization that is working towards equality creating change in our community.  

  • Marley’s BLM sticker $3 each
  • Marley’s BLM coaster $4 each
  • Marley’s BLM magnet$5  each
  • Marley’s BLM keychain $5  each
    Shipping within the US is $1. 

Thank you for your support & purchase!

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